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From Perth to Carnarvon

My quarantine in Perth was cut short on day 11 of 14 by the Western Australia government because Victorian local transmission of Covid-19 had been zero for a certain number of days. This gave me a couple of free days in Perth where I could do a bit of sight-seeing, some final shopping, and sample a few of bars in the city before my flight to Carnarvon.

Then I bought a drone! I decided on a DJI mini 2 after a quick internet search. It's small and light which makes it super easy to transport and carry. Price was $950 and I paid an extra $200 for the carry bag and extra batteries and spare parts. The man in the shop assured me that the video footage would be super clear even from high altitudes.

Anyway, Carnarvon is a nice place to stop over. Not sure I'd want to live there. Work paid for my accommodation, conveniently opposite the hospital, for the 10 or so days I was there and paid me a wage to work in the emergency department which was amazing of WA Community Health Service. The staff at Carnarvon hospital were lovely. There was one great pub up near the water which is about 200m from the hospital that had great views and nice food. I ate some superb garlic chilli prawns that were brought out in a sizzling dish with some bread on the side and some dip for the prawns. Not much in the way of shops in town. There's a Woolworths, chemist, uniform shop, newsagent, post office, a take-away shop, a few other pubs, one with a nice verandah in town. Bottle shop near Woolworths shuts early on the weekend so if you go there, watch out for that. Another huge bottle shop driving out of town. Went to One Mile Jetty for pizza on my last night there; two of the hospital doctors were singing and playing guitar and a whole bunch of people from the hospital came to see them.

I'm including some photos of my last drinks in the big smoke (Perth), the airport at Carnarvon at 7am in the morning, and some photos of Carnarvon.

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